SHINee’s Key Still Keeps a One-Year-Old Letter from Choi Woo Ri

SHINee’s Key’s preservation of a one year old memo is raising attention.

On November 17 episode of SBS’ variety program “Barefoot Friends,” the members of the show visited SHINee’s dorm. When arriving at the dorm, the variety show’s members first searched through Key’s bedroom and spotted clothes that were messily placed on top of the bunk bed. Key clarified that to use the small room efficiently, he had been using the second bunk as a closet.

However, while Key was introducing his room, “Barefoot Friends’” member Yoon Jong Shin spotted a note on top of Key’s dressing table.

The note had a female handwriting with the message, “Cool Kibum, I wonder when we will meet again. I tried not to give you affection, but when it became the last time I was sad and had a very hard time. Also you did it very cool and well. I don’t have your phone number and I don’t know how to leave a message, so I will stick this message here and go.”

shinee key choi woo ri

As the variety show members read the affectionate letter, they commented “You bring girls to the dorms,” and gave Key suspicious looks.

With a surprised expression Key explained, “My partner in my first musical, Choi Woo Ri, wrote me that message. I want to remember my original focus so I keep the letter.”

The encouraging note from Choi Woo Ri portrays the great relationships formed between the cast members of the musical. Key and Choi Woo Ri worked together last year in the musical “Catch Me If You Can.”