Blady Releases “Blood Type B Girl” Single

Blady is coming back with its second single album “Blood Type B Girl.”

Five-membered girl group Blady underwent an extensive change of members, retaining only original maknae member, Kang Yoon, now the leader, and adding four new members, Coco, Tina, Ye Ji, and Soo Jin. Coco and Tina are from USA, so they can speak fluent English.

On November 18, the second single album, with “Blood Type B Girl” as the title song.

“Blood Type B Girl” is a collaboration between renowned producer C-Luv (produced for Rain, MBLAQ and Kim Hyun Joong) and songwriter Stay Tuned. The track begins with an urban feel and has a strong electronic house music and funky beat. It’s a song that mixes together different genres and something that Blady will be able to express well.

The song’s lyrics imply what the “Blood Type B Girl” is like, and with its strong and smooth accompaniment, is sure to catch the ears of listeners.

The story behind “Blood Type B Girl” draws inspiration from the fact that all the members of Blady have blood type B. This song symbolizes Blady’s strong determination and their desire to always seek out something new, and how the girls will interpret the different genres through one song.

The second song on their single album “Bring Bring” is a remake of first single album’s title song “Crazy Day” in 2011. Hot Potato, who wrote the song, remade the song with a stronger hip hop and rock flavor, giving it an entirely different sound altogether.

Blady’s agency, Star Planet, stated, “We worked hard to produce this second single album to make better music for the fans who have waited for more than two years. ‘Blood Type B Girl’ contains Blady’s soul and will make you want to listen to it often.”

The first MV teaser was released on Soompi on November 14, and the second MV teaser for Blady’s title song, “Blood Type B Girl” rose to number eight on Melon’s music video chart (it is now in 11th place).

Look out for Blady’s MV for “Blood Type B Girl!”

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