Block B’s Zico Asks His Sasaeng Fans to Stop Calling Him

Zico of Block B expressed his feelings about the distress he experiences from his sasaeng fans.

On November 17, Zico tweeted about the stress he had received from saseng fans. “Please stop the prank calls and SNS messages. I get over 15 prank calls a day, and I am truly stressed out from them. If you want to hear my voice, please come to our performances. I’m getting tired of blocking numbers and changing my phone number.”


Sasaeng fans are known to be a little more extreme to idol stars. Recently, Super Junior’s Hee Chul posted on his Instagram, “I still have sasaeng fans following me. I am really happy these days, but I don’t know whether to be cool about it or make a fuss about. I think I’ve become nicer.” 

In another incident, a netizen revealed the story of EXO member Baekhyun’s sasaeng fans. The witness attended a wedding where EXO was the guest singer. Baekhyun’s sasaeng fans swarmed into the wedding hall creating chaos. They took photos of EXO even after the members asked them to stop, and the EXO members were put into an awkward situation.