San E Releases Tragic Teaser for Second Mini-Album “NOT”

Rapper San E released a shocking teaser in which his death is announced, leaving fans curious and excited.

On November 18, San E’s agency Brand New Music unveiled the album teaser for “’NOT’ Based on the True Story” on their official Twitter account, explaining the concept for the new mini-album.

In the video teaser, a female hears of San E’s tragic death on the radio while driving, and is devastated by the news.

Brand New Music stated, “In order for the video to be convincing, San E got his close friends, announcers Kang In and Kim Cho Rong, to participate in order to produce a realistic portrayal. The female lead, Lee Ju Woo, also played the lead in San E’s ‘Story of Someone I Know’ music video, and so there’s a sense of continuity to this special story.”

“We think that San E’s album will be more identifiable and realistic than other recently released albums, and will be an interesting piece of work with a vivid theme.”

San E released a single “Where Did You Sleep?” earlier in November, a collaboration track with labelmates Verbal Jint and Swings.

San E’s second mini-album “’NOT’ Based on the True Story” will be available on November 21 from both online and offline music stores.

Check out the teaser for “NOT” below!

 San E Not

San E Not 2

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