“Old Boy” Cast Gathers Together for 10 Year Anniversary

Ten years ago in 2003, Director Park Chan Wook’s movie “Old Boy” stirred Korean and international movie goers with the movie’s plot twists and intriguing cinematography.

Now, ten years later in 2013, the cast of “Old Boy” has gathered together to celebrate the special release of the digital re-mastering of the movie.

With Director Park Chan Wook in the center, the photo of the cast reunion shows characters Oh Dae Soo (Choi Min Shik), Lee Woo Jin (Yoo Ji Tae), Mi Do (Kang Hye Jung), the security director (Kim Byung Wook), Chul Woong (Oh Dal Soo), the hypnotist (Lee Seung Shin), high schooler Woo Jin (Yoo Yeon Seok), as well as the male who committed suicide (Oh Kwang Rok). The actors who gathered ten years later were key figures in the memories of “Old Boy.”

Despite the busy personal schedules, the actors gathered together to celebrate the ten years anniversary of the movie. Similar to a high school reunion, the cast members shared with each other memories of filming for the movie, the different path “Old Boy” took after its release, as well as the individual careers of each actor.

The digital re-mastered version of “Old Boy” will be released in theaters on November 21, ten years after the original release date.