The Boss Releases MV Still Cuts for Upcoming Second Mini Album

Idol group The Boss will be making their comeback very soon with their second mini album and released music video steal cuts through their official Facebook page.

The music video still cuts were taken while the members were filming their music video. In the artsy black and white photos, we can see the members seriously monitoring the film and charismatically posing for their close up shots. Not only that, we can see the members with their guards down as they sit down to take a break in between shots.

This comeback is highly anticipated by their fans as it has been two years since the group last official promoted in Korea. Last September they switched agencies to Poom Entertainment, after their previous CEO was involved in a sexual assault scandal. 

A representative of Poom Entertainment said about their comeback, “At the request of the fans, we released these photos along with their comeback announcement. Since they are making a comeback in two years, their domestic and international fans are showing hot interest.” 

The Boss will make their comeback on November 28.