Time-Traveling Thriller “11 A.M.,” Featuring Jung Jae Young and Choi Daniel, Coming Soon to LA

On November 28th, South Korea’s first time-traveling sci-fi thriller “11 A.M.” will be hitting LA’s CGV Cinemas!

In the near future at a deep-sea research facility, head scientist Woo Seok (Jung Jae Young) has finally developed a working time machine, but learns that he will only receive the funding he needs if he successfully completes a test flight. To keep the project alive, Woo Seok decides to test the machine himself, successfully traveling to 11AM the next day. What was to be a simple leap in the time-space spectrum quickly turns dangerous, as Woo Seok finds the research facility in ruins and the other scientists missing.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know what you think!