Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Donates 100 Million Won Scholarship to Dongguk University

Talk about beauty inside and out!

Dongguk University’s fourth year Theater major Seo Joo Hyun generously donated 100 million won, about 95,000 USD, towards Dongguk University’s scholarship program.

Who is Seo Joo Hyun? Although she may go by her legal name at her school, many know her as Seohyun, the youngest member of Girls’ Generation.

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On November 19, Seohyun delivered a scholarship donation of 100million won to Dongguk University’s chancellor, Kim Hui Ock.

Chancellor Kim Hui Ock commented, “Seohyun, who participated in school as a well mannered, studious celebrity, donated a large sum to her fellow students. All Donggguk personnel are thankful, and through proper intentions will utilize the scholarship with great purpose.”

Seohyun also stated, “I’ve learned a lot while attending Dongguk University. I wanted to help my fellow friends who, although carried great dreams, had to discontinue their education because of family circumstances.”

Theater professor Shin Young Sup praised the singer when he expressed, “Seohyun (unlike other celebrity students) got along well with her friends. Although during Seohyun’s second year of college she wanted to donate a scholarship after seeing some friends having difficulties, we suggested for her to donate when she prepares to graduate, which lead to today’s delivery of her scholarship donation.”

When asked which class left a great impression, the Girls’ Generation member responded “Japanese was the most fun class. I grasped a great realization during the Classics seminars.”

Despite the busy schedules, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun portrayed how hard work and a touch of a pure, genuine, loving heart can bring a positive impact.

Great job Seohyun, we hope you can continue to be the influential role model you are today.

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