Block B Reveals Devilish “Nightmare Before Christmas” Pictorial for CeCi

Hip-hop idol group Block B, who recently successfully concluded promotion activities with their 3rd mini album titled “VERY GOOD,” revealed a pictorial they shoot for the December edition of CeCi.

The concept of the pictorial is “Seven Wild Block B Devils’ Christmas Dinner.” They posed gorgeously and mysteriously in front of a dining table that looks like it came straight from the movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” They were said to have created a pleasant atmosphere just as cheerful as themselves during the shooting.

Along with the pictorial shooting, they did an interview. Through the interview, they frankly revealed their feelings towards about their leader’s different skills and the skills which they want to steal from the other members. They also confessed their impression felt during their hiatus, and when they won No.1 on SBS’s Inkigayo.

Block B’s exciting pictorial and funny interview can be found on the December issue of Ceci.