B.A.P Kicks Off First Big-Scale Japan Tour with Production Costs Over 3 Million USD

The charismatic idol group B.A.P will be kicking off their first Japanese tour!

Starting on November 19, B.A.P will be traveling to Kobe, Nagoya and Tokyo, throwing two concerts for each city, with a total of six concerts in Japan.

The tour called, “B.A.P 1st Japan Tour: WARRIOR Begins,” is said to have cost around 3.6 billion won (around 3.6 million USD) for production, uses over 2,200 staff workers and needs 15 ten-ton trucks for each concert.

B.A.P announced that its group’s character, the Matoki, will also be making an appearance for this tour, which is set to have a motive of “Warriors of the Universe.” The stage is measured at 10m high and 10m wide, which is sure to create a big space for the B.A.P members to explode with their energy and charisma.

The B.A.P members have participated and gave many ideas of their own for this tour. It is reported that Hullang, the guitarist of the band Pia, will be performing as well.

“B.A.P 1st Japan Tour: WARRIOR Begins” is already being called the must-see show of the season, making both fans and the public excited.