Park Han Byul Chops Off Hair and Transforms into High School Boy for Upcoming Drama

Actress Park Han Byul has chopped off her lovely locks for the first time in 11 years since her debut for her new drama.

Park Han Byul’s long, straight hair was her trademark so this change of hair is becoming a hot topic. Her new style is for the upcoming SBS daily drama, “A Well Grown Daughter,” where she will play the role of Jang Hana (who also goes by the name Jang Eun Sung).

“A Well Grown Daughter” is about a daughter of a big corporation, Jang Hana, who has to pretend to be a son (Jang Eun Sung), in order to inherit the company.

Park Han Byul’s first filming took place in a arts high school for a scene that introduces Jang Eun Sung, the school’s ulzzang. Sporting a boy’s uniform and a short hairstyle, Park Han Byul said that she did feel awkward, but still received praise from the director and staff for perfectly transforming into her character.

Also, the first filming took place on Park Han Byul’s birthday. She commented, “I think the role of Jang Hana will be my greatest gift of the year.” It is said that Park Han Byul couldn’t hide her excitement and nervousness of returning to the small screen for the first time in a while.

“A Well Grown Daughter”s producers commented, “Jang Hana has to pretend to be a son instead of a daughter, in order to survive, which sets the character apart from others in the past.”

They continued, “The hairstyle is an important part of an actress’ image but Park Han Byul parted ways with her long hair without hesitation, showing her determination and passion. Please take a lot of interest and be excited for Park Han Byul’s energetic return to television.”

“A Well Grown Daughter” will air after “Ugly Alert” on December 2.

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