Electroboyz to Release First Mini-Album “The Truth”

Hip-hop group Electroboyz (Maboos, 1kyne, Chakun) will be releasing their first mini-album “The Truth” on November 22.

On November 19, Brave Entertainment announced that Electroboyz’s first album will contain five tracks including title track “Busted,” Hip-Hop Chick,” “It’s Me,” and “MaMa,” which have been written and composed by the members themselves.

Title track “Busted” is a joint production by Brave Brother, Battle of the Stars and the Electroboyz members. The pop track consists of the acoustic guitar and piano riffs, and is about catching a girlfriend cheating but forgiving her.

“MaMa” is written by the leader Maboos and is about his thankfulness and sorry heart toward his mother while “Hip-Hop Chick” is a sweet love song with strong and addictive beats.

Brave Entertainment has also teased fans with a new album jacket photo that was uploaded onto its official site as well as Twitter. The photo hints that “Busted” will be featuring a mystery artist as well.

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