JYP’s New Male Group 5Live to Kickoff Debut Activities With “Beautiful Man” OST

Looks like YG Entertainment will not be the only one launching a boy group!

JYP Entertainment has already assembled their own rookie boy group, 5Live, who will contribute their song “Lovely Girl” to the soundtrack of drama, “Beautiful Man.”


If the faces of 5Live look familiar, that’s because you may have already seen them on an episode of “Who Is Next: Win”! On the episode that aired on September 19, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk took teams A and B over to JYP Entertainment headquarters to battle it out with JYP male trainees to see who had the most talented set of trainees. At the time the episode was recorded, Park Jin Young explained he had not created a group yet- so the trainees competed in subgroups against teams A and B. No debut date was announced for these trainees either, but it’s no surprise that JYP Entertainment would pick now than any other time to pit their own group against YG Entertainment’s!

5Live will kick off their debut activities starting with “Lovely Girl” – which is classified as pop rock and was composed by Kim Hyung Suk. “Lovely Girl” will express the feelings of Jang Geun Suk’s character, Dokgo Ma-Te, during the drama. 

In related news, “Beautiful Man” will air its first episode on November 20!

Check out the episode below!