Japanese Media Report that Kara’s Nicole Will Go to the States in February

The Japanese press are reporting that Kara‘s Nicole will move back to the U.S. when her contract with DSP Entertainment ends in January of next year.

Sankei Sports News reported that Nicole is currently considering to study in the U.S. in February. They reported that a representative of Nicole confirmed that the singer will not be renewing her contract when it ends in January, and will leave the group when it wraps up their Japanese concert tour. According to the representative, Nicole will go back to L.A. to train and study singing and dancing under top American artists. She hopes to come back to the Korea as a stronger solo singer.

In October of this year DSP Entertainment announced that Nicole’s contract will end in Janurary of 2014, and that the singer has no plans to renew her contract. Nicole then took to SNS to reveal her desire to stay as a member of Kara, except with a different agency. Even when Japanese fans started a petition to keep Nicole in Kara, it looks like Nicole will be moving on when 2014 comes around.