Stylish Boy Group 100% V Releases Message Video and Music Video for “Missing You”

Vocal focused boy group 100% V recorded a cute and funny message about their upcoming comeback during their album jacket photo shoot. The group also released the music video for “Missing You” through their group’s official YouTube channel. 

In the message video, Rockhyun(red shirt and leather jacket) is very charismatic and says they will have success due to it being a rainy day. We also see Chanyong(wearing square link chain) give a funny impression of a person listening to their music on their way home to work. Rockhyung jokingly says that people with part time jobs(arbeit) should also listen to the song after work.

 “Missing You” is a soothing ballad which the group says will give healing to listeners. The members hopes that listeners will listen to their song after work and be reminded of their family, friends and loved ones.

100% V is a subgroup of the boy group 100% focused on vocals. The V stands for “voice” and “victory”and the group is composed of four members: Chanyong, Jonghwan, Rokhyun, and Hyukjin.