Female String Band Odd Eye Releases New Teaser Photo for Upcoming Single Album

Although it is difficult to find a three member string band, Odd Eye defies the odds and prepares to release their fourth single, “Never.”

The uniqueness of the female three member group is that each member has the ability to play a string instrument. As all the members specialize in classical music, Odd eye showcased their ability to not only sing, but to also play instruments such as the violin and cello. The string band debuted in June with their song “Catch Me If You Can,” and continued to promote their music through new releases in July with “Follow Me,” and in August with the English version of “Catch Me If You Can.”


The group had previously released a teaser photo based on the sky. As the teasers give off a peaceful and quiet vibe, “NEVER” seems to portray a different style than the strong concepts from the previous songs. “NEVER” is a song produced between pianist and producer Lee Jin Wook, SOOLEE, and Smells. The mash of talented producers has stirred up anticipation for the the new single. Despite the past unique concepts, “ODD EYE” plans to return to the Korean music scene with music more relatable to the public.

Odd Eye will release their new single “NEVER” on November 22. Stay tuned for the unique and talented group’s new song!