Xiumin of EXO Trains to Become a Barista

Recently, Xiumin, a member of EXO, had the opportunity to learn what it’s like to be a barista through “The Celebrity” magazine. Always mentioning coffee as one of his favorite things, Xiumin is known to be a coffee lover.

A member of the Barista Association of Korea and world-renowned barista, Yoo Tae Woon, was Xiumin’s mentor throughout his training process.

Xiumin successfully picked out the beans himself, grinded the roasted beans to make espresso, and created “latte art” using the milk foam and the espresso. Moreover, he shared the drinks he made with all the staff on set as he actively engaged in taking on the challenge of becoming a barista.

In connection to his experience, Xiumin said, “I feel in love with coffee even more after making my own coffee from start to finish. My new dream is to get a barista certification and to eventually open my own small café.” 

The story of Xiumin’s barista challenge and the special coffee recipe he created with barista Yoo Tae Woon will be revealed on the December issue of “The Celebrity.”