Park Ha Sun Stays Loyal to Her Agency and Renews Contract

Actress Park Ha Sun showed loyalty by renewing her contract with her agency of eight years. 

Park Ha Sun received many calls from various agencies as her contract with her current agency approached its end on November 12. However, she chose to remain with her current agency without receiving a signing deposit.

A representative of SL Entertainment stated, “She probably received better offers from a number of other agencies, but she chose to be with her co-workers whom she has worked with for many years. We are thankful for Park Ha Sun’s decision.”

Park Ha Sun is known to put her relationships before her personal gain. She recently made an appearance on a project of writer Kim Yi Young whom she worked with while she starred in MBC’s historical drama “Dong Yi.” She was not paid to appear in the drama. It was immediately after the end of filming “Two Weeks,” and she was not in the best physical condition. However, writer Kim Yi Young requested her for an appearance, she headed to the set without hesitation.

A broadcast official commented on Park Ha Sun saying, “The price of actresses who play leading roles and also take center stage as commercial models skyrocket when their contracts are near expiration, and many agencies compete to sign them. In this industry, it is a very rare case for a celebrity to stay with one agency for eight years. It reflects Park Ha Sun’s personality.”

Meanwhile, Park Ha Sun has been cast for the lead female role in SBS’ “10 billion won blockbuster,” “Three Days.” She is currently attending action school preparing to begin filming the drama with co-stars Park Yoochun and Son Hyun Joo.