Jessica is “Feeling Better” After Her Head Injury in Hong Kong

Jessica of Girls’ Generation had many fans concerned after she suffered a head injury at the airport in Hong Kong earlier this month. She revealed her current condition through a post on her Weibo account.

On November 19, Jessica posted a short message, “Feeling better. thanks,” on her Weibo along with a photo of herself dressed In comfortable attire.

On November 11, Girls’ Generation was departing Hong Kong after putting on a concert the night before. Jessica suffered a head injury from hitting a railing at the airport when a security guard pushed her mistaking her as a fan.

After arriving in Korea, she was examined by doctors who diagnosed she suffered from a contusion. Due to the fact that the injury was to her head, she was not able to attend the group’s signing event on November 12.

Jessica’s post brings reassurance that she is doing fine. Fans can now rest assured. 

Jessica's Weibo