miss A’s Jia Reveals a Cute Waiting Room Selca

You can’t ignore that miss A is a group of playful girls with catchy music and charismatic dance performances.  Thus, every time a member posts a picture, you can anticipate it to be a silly photo between the members.

On November 19, miss A member Jia posted on her Instagram, “Waiting for the show.. what should we do?” Along with the message, the singer posted a picture while she was waiting backstage being silly with her fellow member Min.

miss a jia and min selca

The selca posted by Jia show the two miss A members posing in a cute manner. With their stage makeup and hair set, the members seemed to enjoy being playful backstage while they wait for their stage.

With Jia’s pose and Min’s stare, it is obvious that miss A just love to have fun together. Currently, the group is promoting their song “Hush.”