2AM Releases Track List for Upcoming “Nocturne” Album

2AM has dropped more information about their upcoming 3rd mini album by revealing its full track list!

On November 20, Big Hit Entertainment tweeted a photo of the album jacket cover that contains the track list of 2AM’s upcoming album, “Nocturne.”

From the image, we learn that five tracks will be in the album including the pre-released track “Just Stay,” as well as the title track “Regret,” “You’re Prettier The More I See You,” “To An Angel,” and “Only You.”

Two of the tracks, “To An Angel” and “Only You,” have been produced by two of the 2AM members, Jung Jinwoon and Lee Changmin, respectively.

The track list hints at a great mix of love and sadness, which fits perfectly with the current late autumn and upcoming winter season.

2AM’s “Nocturne” will drop in stores and online on November 27.

Meanwhile, the 2AM members are busy preparing for their upcoming concert in December. Also, don’t forget to check out 2AM’s “Just Stay,” which is currently doing very well on music charts. Finally, read all about Jinwoon’s update on his injury.

 2AM nocturne track list