LOEN Releases Wax’s “Love Wind” MV for “Empress Ki” OST

On November 19, Loen Entertainment released the MV for the “Empress Ki” OST, “Love Wind” on their Youtube channel. The emotional love ballad was composed by PJ and sung by singer Wax. The song captures the essence of Seung Nyang’s (Empress Ki) struggle for influence and her complicated love story. Wax’s ability to easily transition from a delicate voice to a powerful voice make her the perfect singer for the track.

Empress Ki is a 50 episode historical drama that has been topping the ratings. The drama features the talented and beautiful actress Ha Ji Won as Empress Ki and airs at 10:00PM on Mondays and Thursdays. The drama follows the complicated life of Empress Ki as she is torn between Goryeo and the Yuan Dynasty.