SHINee Releases Fun and Colorful Short PV for Japanese Single “3,2,1”

After winning Artist of the Year the “Melon Music Awards,” it looks like the boys of SHINee are going into their Japanese promotions full swing. The group released the short PV for their Japanese single, “3,2,1” through the official Universal Music Japan YouTube channel.

The PV matches the bouncy and upbeat “3,2,1” song perfectly with their colorful backdrops and stop-motion animation. The members show their fun-loving and goofy sides as they go through animated backdrops or just jump around happily together. The only thing wrong with this PV, is how short it is. The short PV ends with Key saying, “And now, we’re going to show you something different,” but we don’t find out what it is, yet.

“3,2,1” will and its full PV will be released on December 4.