San E Releases MV for “Break Up Dinner” Featuring Sanchez of Phantom

Rap prodigy San E has released the MV for his new single “Break Up Dinner” from his second mini album “‘Not’ Based on the True Story.” The single describes the last dinner between loved ones before their break up. The creative and intricate rhymes of San E coupled with his powerful voice go well over the R&B styled beat. The single also features the soulful vocals of Sanchez.

The MV features a creative concept similar to the movie “Sixth Sense.” Near the beginning of the video, San E gets run over by a car en route to a date, but he doesn’t realize that he passed away. Without realizing that he’s dead, San E still believes that he’s on a date with the girl. In actuality, she’s on a date with a different person.

San E’s second mini album, “‘NOT’ Based on the True Story,” is out today, November 21 KST.