Comedian Jeon Young Joong Passes Away in Motorcycle Accident

 It is with sadness that we report that comedian Jeon Young Joong has passed away after being hit with a taxi while he was riding his motorcycle on November 21.

According to the Youndgeungpo Police Station, the accident happened in Yeoido when Jeon Young Joong crossed the center line with his motorcycle. The taxi hit him, and although he was sent to the hospital, he died of his injuries. It was not verified if he was wearing a helmet or if he was driving under the influence of alcohol. Although the taxi car was damaged, the driver only had minor injuries. The police reported that they would investigate the cause and circumstances of the accident after reviewing the CCTV. 

Jeon Young Joong was a comedian on the SBS comedy show, “People Looking for a Laugh.”


jeon young joon