Taeyang Receives Love Calls from American Major Labels

Big Bang‘s Taeyang has reportedly caught the eye of a major label in the US, and the artist’s prospective steps towards the world’s largest music market are now gaining attention from the public.

On November 21, it was confirmed that Taeyang has received love calls from American record labels, and that he is currently thinking of his next move. Detailed information has not yet been revealed, but one of the labels is said to be a very dominant major company in the US.

The artist has truly made an impact with the powerful “Ringa Linga,” as the love calls were sent after Taeyang made his recent comeback. Where as the domestic audience might find the strong hip hop sound foreign and unusual, the addictive melody of “Ringa Linga” is highly appealing to the mainstream US music market.

YG Entertainment is giving the green light to Taeyang’s possible promotions overseas. As R&B artists with outstanding dancing skills are not very common in the US, he has a great chance of breaking into the local music market.

The only obstacle is Big Bang’s hectic schedule, which is filled with concerts and other promotions all over Asia. It will be extremely challenging to fit preparations for a US breakthrough into the solo artist’s busy calendar. The group is currently in the midst of a large-scale dome tour in Japan, and Taeyang will soon perform at the hyped Mnet Asian Music Awards on November 22 and then continue to San Francisco, where his solo concert will be held on November 26. During his visit, he will most likely meet up with representatives of music labels to discuss his love calls in more detail.

Would you like to see Taeyang promoting in the States?