WINNER: “Yang Hyun Suk’s Harsh Criticism Helps Us Relieve Our Stress”

YG Entertainment’s upcoming boy group WINNER shared what they think of the sharp words of criticism that the company CEO Yang Hyun Suk directs at them.

The members were guests on KBS CoolFM “Yoo In Na’s Volume Up” where one listener asked the boys how they coped with the stress caused by Yang Hyun Suk harsh comments. Surprising the listeners, Kang Seung Yoon answered, “To be completely honest, every time our boss criticizes us or gives us advice, our stress simply flies out of the window.”

The leader added, “If our CEO did not say anything about us and did not even know if we exist, we would feel much more pressured and worried.” The other members agreed with this statement, saying that they are most scared of being forgotten and ignored. 

In related news, WINNER is currently touring Japan with Big Bang as the opening act for the fellow group’s dome tour.

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