Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Is Glamorous for InStyle and Reveals Holiday Plans

Girls’ Generation‘s representative cutie Sunny has transformed into a party girl for InStyle magazine. 

Usually known for her lovely girl-next-door image, Sunny has revealed her hidden glamorous side for a pictorial. This spread will be a part of InStyle’s December issue, explaining the sparkly holiday theme of the photos.

For the shoot, the idol wore sexy party dresses fit for the season and spiced up the looks with eye-catching jewelry. The bronze makeup look with sultry dark eyes and luscious-looking lips accentuates her beautiful features. Laying on a sofa, Sunny’s charming gaze and flirty smile prove that the idol has upgraded her charisma for this shoot.

During an interview with the magazine, Sunny revealed, “Like every previous year around the New Year, all of our members will gather to our dorm to drink wine and watch romantic movies. We are now experts at holding home parties at our dorm.”