B1A4’s Baro Is a Cute Country Nerd for Esquire Pictorial

B1A4‘s Baro may possibly be the cutest “country bumpkin” nerd to ever exist!

On November 21, Baro’s most recent photo shoot for “Esquire” magazine was revealed. The concept of the shoot was set with a retro, eighties style, which Baro has completely pulled off with his styling as well as his fun facial expressions.

Baro parts his hair with the 2:8 proportions, pulls up his rolled up pants and wears chunky shoes as he transforms into a cute and youthful nerd. These images remind us of his adorable character Bingeurae from the currently airing drama, “Reply 1994.”

Baro’s character Bingeurae is from the countryside and uses the Choongchung-do accent. Although this is only his first time, Baro is receiving great reviews for his natural and skilled acting.

Baro also talks about a variety of topics in the interview including the hardships of his first acting experience, being part of an idol group and trying to portray a character that uses a different accent from where he originally grew up. Baro also mentioned that he wanted to try hard in all fields of his work as a B1A4 member.

This interview as well as the photo spread will be featured in “Esquire”s December edition.

Esquire 12 2013 Baro 2

Esquire 12 2013 Baro