Teen Top and 100% Party It Up for Christmas in “Nylon” Photo Shoot

Ever wonder how idols party it up for the holidays? Well look no further because Teen Top and 100% have gotten together for a festive and jolly Christmas photo shoot!

The six members of Teen Top and seven members of 100% gathered together, both being part of the same company, for the fashion magazine, “Nylon.” The two idol groups posed in what looks like a funky Christmas party set.

It is said that the photo shoot set seemed like an actual party due to the boys’ having so much fun all together. Teen Top and 100% perfectly delivered the Christmas festive cheer through the photos with an added funky and stylish twist.

These photos as well as both groups’ honest interviews can be found in “Nylon”s December edition.

Nylon December 2013_teen top 100 1

Nylon December 2013_teen top 100 2

Nylon December 2013_teen top 100 3