Dong Bang Shin Ki Keeps Promise to Release 10th Anniversary Special Album

“Hallyu Icon” Dong Bang Shin Ki will keep the promise they made to their fans and release a special album to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut.

The album is for Dong Bang Shin Ki’s fans who had stayed with them with unwavering support and faith for the past ten years. In August, the group had promised to celebrate their tenth anniversary at one of their concerts in Japan. 

A staff member working on the new album revealed, “The members are currently recording the album. We have our best composers working on this album. Dong Bang Shin Ki will record about twenty songs, so there may be two albums. Even though it may be late, it looks like the album will be released in January.”

At one of their Japanese concerts member Yunho had expressed his feelings about their tenth anniversary. “In December it will be ten years…We are currently working on showing our fans a new image. When I was younger I thought it was impressive when our singers reached ten years, and now here we are. Instead of becoming a big star, we will work on being strong artists.” 

Member Changmin added, “We want to be international singers who go beyond borders and language barriers.”

Dong Bang Shin Ki made their official appearance on December 26, 2003 at the “BoA and Britney Special.” The group sang an a cappella version of the Christmas song “O Holy Night” with BoA and then performed their debut song “Hug” for the first time.