Taecyeon Talks on the Topic of Marriage for Vogue Girl

A new pictorial of 2PM‘s Taecyeon were recently revealed. Before the release of his new movie “Marriage Blue,” Taecyeon shot his manly yet gentle pictorials with fashion magazine “VOGUE girl.”

At the accompanying interview for the magazine, Taecyeon revealed his thoughts on the topic of marriage, saying “Through the filming of ‘We Got Married‘ and ”Marriage Blue,’ I got to think about and take marriage more seriously than before. In my opinion, marriage inlcudes so many realistic aspects.”

He also talked about acting, “It is really fun to express someone else’s personality and live out of it.” His movie “Marriage Blue” was just released recently.  

The full length of interview and rest of pictorials will be found on December issue of VOGUE girl.

Check out some photos here!

Taecyeon VOGUE girl_2

Taecyeon VOGUE girl_3