Yeo Jin Goo Feels Bittersweet about Playing Older Character on “Potato Star”

Actor Yeo Jin Goo will appear in the December issue of GQ Korea Magazine. The accompanying photos show him exercising while wearing formal clothes.

In an interview with the fashion magazine, he said that it was a bit bittersweet playing the role of a much older character on the tvN sitcom “Potato Star 2013 QR3”. While auditioning for the show, he said “I was worried that I looked too young for the part, but during the camera test with Ha Yeon Soo she said that we looked like peers, which was great.” He also added that he felt a bit weird acting alongside Ha Yeon Soo, who is seven years older than him.

Yeo Jin Goo also stated his preference for acting: “Every role, scenario, range of emotion, and personality is different and new. Rather than just an entertainer, my dream is to be an actor.”