Dynamic Duo Releases MVs for “Three Dopeboyz” and “Hot Wings” Feat. Hyorin

On November 21, hip-hop powerhouse Dynamic Duo (Choiza and Gaeko) released music videos for their songs “Three Dopeboyz” featuring Zion T and “Hot Wings” featuring SISTAR‘s Hyorin. Both songs are from their hit seventh album”Lucky Numbers,” which was released nearly 5 months ago on July 1. Surprise!

Dynamic Duo swept the music charts with this seventh album, an album that even other K-Pop artists had been waiting for. All of the thirteen tracks ranked on music charts, and now the duo’s back with a music video for “Three Dopeboyz.”

“Three Dopeboyz” features a kaleidoscopic visualization effect, letting viewers actually see the beat with the images matching the catchy beat of the song, and is quite the feast for the eyes and ears. “Hot Wings” also features a retro style.

Check out the music videos below!

“Three Dopeboyz”

“Hot Wings”