2PM Show Their Beautiful Hearts through “Letters of Angels” Photo

It’s the holiday season, and while the generous atmosphere warms up your mood, 2PM’s involvement in the “Letter of Angels” photoshoot will melt your heart.

2PM participated in the “2013 Letters of Angels” photoshoot, posing with an adopted infant to raise adoption awareness. JYP Entertainment commented, “Last year Nichkhun first participated in “Letters of Angels” and began a relationship with the adoptees. Despite 2PM’s busy schedule, each member united with one heart to participate in the campaign. During the recent photoshoot, the members spent a love filled time with the infant.”

2pm letters of angels 2

As “Letters of Angels” concludes its 11th edition this year, the campaign, sponsored by Korea’s Social Welfare Society, captures the photos of Korea’s adoptees on their 100th day. Participation in the campaign by many celebrities has become of great strength towards the promotion of adoption.

Through their agency, 2PM expressed, “We are happy that we could be part of a meaningful campaign, and it has also become of great meaning to our members. We hope that more love would be given to these infants, as well as stir greater attention towards adoption.”

The photoshoot of different celebrities and adopted infants will be open in Seoul’s Insa Art Center starting from December 18.