Krystal Kisses Jessica on the Cheek

Krystal gave her older sister Jessica a kiss!

Beautiful idol sisters Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and f(x)‘s Krystal recently shared many expressive selfies.

On November 20, Jessica uploaded some selfies on her own Weibo with a short caption that says “Fun Fun Fun.”

In the photo, the sisters sit side by side and gaze into the camera in a very cute way. Krystal showed her love to older sister Jessica by kissing on the cheek. Jessica, on the other hand, made a surprised expression on her face. These charming photos displayed a close relationship with between the two pretty sisters. 

In another piece of these reveled selfies, Jessica and Krystal took themselves in the mirror. The two girls do the same poses with their mouths wide open and putting a smile on their faces.

Jessica & Krystal 2