Song Hye Gyo’s Fans Donate to Museum in Uzbekistan for Actress’ Birthday

Like actress, like fans. Song Hye Gyo’s fans donated to the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan to celebrate the actress’ birthday.

As the actress celebrates her 32nd birthday on November 22, her fans donated a Korean guidebook to the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan. The donation was not a random choice, as Song Hye Gyo had been continuously sponsoring the development towards a Korean guidebook for the museum.

song hye gyo museum

Korean promotional specialist, Professor Suh Kyung Duk, stated, “Song Hye Gyo’s fanclub voluntarily gathered donations. Instead of a birthday gift, the fans donated 10,000 Korean guidebooks to the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan. Not only did Korean fans participate, but international fans also donated towards the creation of the guidebooks.”

Written in the Korean, the guidebook explains the history of Uzbekistan. The guidebook contains detailed explanation of artifacts from the Stone Age leading up the present day. Since written in the Korean language, the guidebook is expected to be very resourceful to Korean tourists visiting the Uzbekistanian museum.

In regards to fans’ meaningful gift, Song Hye Gyo said, “I am always thankful for their (fans) participation in good deeds. I plan to voluntarily sponsor Korean guidebooks not only in the Americas but also in the European regions.”

Previously before, the actress had been a strong supporter of Korean guidebooks in foreign historical sites, art museums, and national museums. Starting from New York’s The Museum of Modern Art, Song Hye Gyo has provided Korean guidebooks for museums in Boston, Shanghai, and many more locations internationally and in Korea.

On another note, although the actress’ official birth date is registered on February 26, Song Hye Kyo’s true birth date is November 22.

Happy 32nd birthday, Song Hye Gyo! We hope you continue to sponsor the education of history and the arts through your donations towards Korean guidebooks.