Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Reveals Baby Photo

If you had to guess who this cute baby is, would you have known it was Girls’ Generation’s youngest member?  Although the title gives it away, the identity of this cute child is no other than Seohyun.

On November 21, Seohyun uploaded the photo on her Twitter with the message, “tada~!!!!! who could this little kid be?? This is my childhood pictures! Puhaha :D” The childhood photo is hard to ignore, as Seohyun’s cuteness is magnified by her pouty expression.


Seohyun’s big, round eyes and button nose resemble the singer today. However, unlike Seohyun’s usual bright self, the childhood photo reveals a pouty child, wearing a straw hat and a white dress, sitting uncomfortably on a black couch. The cuteness explosion of Seohyun’s never before seen baby photo exemplifies a remarkable revelation of how the seemingly cute, innocent looking child in the photo would later become a member of Korea’s top girl group.

Although Seohyun has grown much taller and more mature, the clear, almond shaped eyes of the child in the photo have remained in the singer today, as the Girls’ Generation member continues to share her heart of sincerity through her clear, honest eyes.

On November 22, Seohyun and fellow member Hyoyeon attended Mnet’s Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong as representatives of Girls’ Generation. We can all say that we are glad Seohyun started Twitter!