Park Ji Yoon Will Be a Caretaker DJ for MBC Radio Show

Talented singer and owner of a rather soothing voice, Park Ji Yoon, will be using those vocal skills to good use as her agency has revealed that she will be the caretaker DJ for the MBC Radio Show, “FM Date – This is Kang Dasom” for November 23 and November 24.

According to Park Ji Yoon’s agency, Mystic89, “Park Ji Yoon will be the caretaker DJ for MBC Radio FM4U’s ‘FM Date – This is Kang Dasom’ on November 23 and 24.” Interesting to note that Park Ji Yoon has so far never been a permanent DJ in any radio program in her long career but she has supposedly been a guest DJ in a few shows in years gone by. She does however appear on plenty of radio programs as guests and has been rather busy in the radio booths as part of her promotions for her new song “Mr. Lee.”

FM Date - This Kang Dasom

MBC Radio FM4U’s “FM Date – This is Kang Dasom” is a late night (8PM – 10PM) radio show with their core listening audience being the 20~30’s age group. The show’s regular DJ is MBC Announcer Kang Dasom, who had previously been the DJ for a morning show before taking the helms of “FM Date.” The program replaced “Jung Joon Young’s Good Friends” during the Autumn program reorganizations. Kang Dasom will unfortunately not be available during November 23 and 24 , hence the need for an interim DJ during this time. 

Park Ji Yoon

It will be interesting to see how well Park Ji Yoon does in her brief stint as a DJ. However if there is one time slot that is perfect for her, it’s this late night time slot. Her calm and soothing voice will match perfectly with the type of atmosphere and audience that these late night radio programs try to aim for. It’s certainly worth looking out for.