Park Ji Yoon Performs “Mr. Lee” and Four Other Songs For Fans at Wonder Live

Park Ji Yoon performed “Mr. Lee” and four other songs live for fans at Wonder Live, in a small, intimate environment that allowed fans to get upclose and personal with the singer.

The 28-minute video was released on Loen Music’s Official YouTube channel on November 21.

Park Ji Yoon was dressed simply in a suit, and performed “Mr. Lee,” “Afternoon,” “Illusion,” “I Fell in Love,” and “Witness.”

Beginning with “Mr. Lee” (00:53), the singer stated that her leg was not in a good condition, so she did not perform the dance choreography. Each song was followed by a short talk section.

Park Ji Yoon began with a short introduction, “Nice to meet you, I’m Park Ji Yoon. It’s really nice to see you so closely. It’s great to let you hear my music. Mr. Lee was quite successful. (laughs) I’m kind of embarrassed to say this, but I did really well on the music charts and became number 1 on melon charts, but not great on music programs. I’m really happy. Since you like my music, I’m feeling great. To introduce my album ‘Mr.’, this is my first single at MYSTIC89. It took a year to finish this project. There will be a new single every season, and in October 2014, my full-length album will be released. I’ll be trying different music styles and looks, but I won’t necessarily be changing too much, just experimenting with my music. Please continue supporting me and anticipate my next work.”

She continued with “Afternoon” from her 8th album, “Tree Of Life,” which she wrote and composed (6:18), and then answered questions submitted by fans.

Q: What do you do on days when you don’t have work?
A: I usually stay at home. I don’t like wandering around, so I’m usually home. My hobbies are watching movies and eating good food. Some might find it kind of boring, but I like it.

Q: I really like your song “Illusion,” please sing a bit of it.
A: A lot of you know this song. A lot of people like this song, and request for me to sing it. I don’t usually go to noraebangs, but when I go to company functions, someone always requests the song, and I always end up singing the song. I’ll sing a bit of it for you.

(Sings part of “Illusion,” off her 4th album, “Coming-of-Age Ceremony” (12:25))

Q: Do you have plans for marriage?
A: I’m not planning to stay single, I would to get married someday, but I’m not in a relationship right now. My last relationship ended, but I am still not over it, and so I haven’t been able to meet someone new. I’m in love with work.

Her fourth song is “I Fell in Love” from her fifth album, “Man” (14:21) and the section that follows explains the truths and misunderstandings about Park Ji Yoon.

Q: Park Ji Yoon uses a sexy falsetto on purpose when singing.
A: Am I sexy? Jong shin-oppa (singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin) also cautiously asked me a similar question. That’s why I tried to show a more natural, acoustic sound in my seventh and eighth albums, because a lot of people still remember my sexy image. So I was kind of stressed about that, and I kept telling myself, “I’m not sexy, I’m not sexy.” So he asked me really carefully. I wanted to show a sexy and cool woman in her 30s with “Mr. Lee”. There are sexy outfits, and I think the falsetto and outfits go together. I learned vocal music when I was young and in university, a lot of people use their real voices when singing, but I didn’t, so this ended up as my natural voice. So even if my voice is hoarse, I can still sing because I’m not using my neck for singing. On a day like today, it would be hard for me to sing with my real voice, so when I am sick and I can still sing, people think I am lying.

Q: Park Ji Yoon is no longer in contact with JYP (Park Jin Young).
A: There’s been a time when I didn’t contact him, when he was in the US. Recently, I became close with JYP again, he bought me delicious food and I sang at his wedding. We’re good friends. He went on his honeymoon and bought me presents to thank me for singing for him at his wedding. So he wanted to see me, but I was too busy, so he is waiting for me to contact him. He also promised to take me to a club, I’ll take a photo and upload it.

Park Ji Yoon performed her final song, “Witness” from her “Mr.” digital single, written by Yoon Jong Shin (22:53).

Check out Park Ji Yoon’s Wonder Live video below!

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