“Reply 1994” Go Ara- Past and Present

Photos of Go Ara’s past are gaining attention. The beauty of the actress from her teenage years reflects on her loveliness today.

Although the actress is receiving love for her character Na Jung on tvN’s “Reply 1994,” the 23-year-old actress’ acting history reveal both her beauty and talent. Go Ara was cast by SM Entertainment in 2003 at the age of 13. At a young age, she debuted in the 2003 drama “Banolim 1,” exhibiting her acting skills.

go ara past

The photo collage of Go Ara shows the actress’ growth from her teens to her 20s. However, although the photos were all taken at different time periods, the actress’ beauty seems to remain unchanged. Whether wearing a school uniform or an elegant dress, the youthful actress has validated her beauty since childhood.

Currently, Go Ara is acting in the tvN’s “Reply 1994.” The drama airs every Friday and Saturday at 8:40PM KST.