BTS Are Angels Advocating Adoption, With “Letters of Angels” Project

BTS is participating in photographer Jo Sae Hyun’s “Letters of Angels” project.

“Letters of Angels” started in 2003 when Jo Sae Hyun received a request by a social worker to take orphans’ pictures on their 100th day (100th day is a milestone in Korea), and has since been going on for eleven years.

It’s a project for increasing awareness of the importance of adoption, and what Jo Sae Hyun does is snap photos of children waiting for adoption together with various stars. The recent shoot with BTS had a theme of ‘innocent,’ with the boys dressed in white, and the baby carefully cradled, showing a completely different side of the boys from when they are on stage.

Other stars that have participated in the “Letters of Angels” project include 2AM, 2PM, TaeTiSeo, 4Minute, and Sistar’s Hyorin and Soyu.

In other news, BTS won the rookie award at the “2013 Melon Music Awards” on November 14.