Taeyang Shows a Lip Tattoo on the Cover of “Dazed & Confused”

European-licensed fashion magazine “Dazed and Confused” recently featured Big Bang’s Taeyang on the cover of their December issue.

Back with a powerful hip-hop style, Taeyang gives off a strong masculine energy. On the cover of the magazine, Taeyang is pulling down his bottom lip to show a tattoo, which is Arabic for “Rise,” Taeyang’s name for his solo album to come out at the beginning of next year. Always the perfectionist, Taeyang, even during the late-night filming for the magazine, was actively participating and contributing his own ideas, such as the lip tattoo.

Taeyang said, “I want to sing and dance until I die. It doesn’t matter to me if people see me as an artist or an idol. I can be myself in any circumstance. I like that I’m me,” revealing an optimistic energy and complete confidence.