Jia Celebrates miss A’s Music Show Win with Son Ho Young and Others

Jia of miss A has shared a photo of her and her friends celebrating miss A’s trophy!

The idol uploaded the snapshot on her Instagram on November 22 with a friendly message, “All unnis and oppas who congratulated me for our win, I was really surprised!~ Thank you!!^^” In the photo, her celebrity friends have gathered to celebrate miss A’s success on this week’s “M!Countdown” and “Music Bank.” They all smile happily for the camera and pose with their index fingers up, referring to the group’s win. Seems like they have just enjoyed a nice meal together, and next it is time to have some cake.

What caught the eye the public is her star-studded group of friends, including people such as artist NS Yoon-G, actor and b-boy Park Jae Min, and singer Son Ho Young. Moreover, this photo was an update for fans of Son Ho Young, who stopped his activities after an unfortunate event that took place earlier this year. Seeing him smiling and spending time with his friends must come as a relief to many.