Dodgers Star Ryu Hyun Jin Teaches miss A’s Suzy Baseball Tricks

Two current top stars will appear on SBS’ “Running Man!”

Continuing with the theme from last week, baseball star Ryu Hyun Jin and miss A‘s Suzy will participate also in this week’s “Running Man.” This second part of the special episode titled “Supernatural Baseball Skills” will air on November 24.

For this episode, the cast members and guests have gathered to a baseball stadium located in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province. They will meet professional players Shin Kyung Hyun, Lee Byung Kyu, and Kim Hyun Soo, and together play a game spiced up by supernatural powers. 

To help Suzy with her baseball skills, world-famous Ryu Hyun Jin personally guided the idol through some basic moves. Fans could not help but smile at the two, looking like an older brother and younger sister. However, it seems like the sessions paid off, as the cast members could not stop admiring and praising how quickly Suzy learned the tricks. 

This episode will air on November 24 at 6pm (KST).