Who Will Lead The New “1 Night 2 Days?”

So the new “1 Nights 2 Days” has finally started recording with it’s new lineup of staff and members. After numerous rumors, rejections and denials, we finally have the final member lineup. Veteran members Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Min are joined by a series of new faces including Defconn, Jung Joon Young, Kim Joo Hyuk and Kim Joon Ho. While a formidable lineup on paper, it does appear to be missing a certain something and that is a central leader figure that ties together all these personalities. Might this be a problem? The staff certainly don’t think so.

On November 22, the newly reformed “1 Nights 2 Days’ began their first recording, with Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Min driving around picking up the new members. They then headed out to Namyangju in the Gyeonggi Province as well as heading to the Inje County in the Gangwon Province. So how did the new cast line up do during their first recording. In a quick interview with media outlet, Star News, Chief Ground Producer Seo Soo Min stated that “First off, all them are completely stupefied.” 

They have also revealed that all the members are still rather awkward with each other even after recording together for the whole day. This is understandable given the lack of overlap for most of the new faces in the crew. Stars like Jung Joon Young and Kim Joo Hyuk are relatively new to the whole field of variety shows while even variety show veterans like Kim Joon Ho has never worked together with certain other members like Cha Tae Hyun or Defconn to any reasonable extent. 

1 Night 2 Days

Interestingly, the Chief Producer of “Happy Sunday,” the overarching program that covers both “1 Night 2 Days” and “Superman,” is accompanying the “1 Night 2 Days” crew on their first recording. Park Joong Min CP has told Star News that “It’s probably because it’s still early days but everyone is unfamiliar with each other and on awkward terms.”

The lack of a clear leader on paper along with how unfamiliar each of the members are with each other has meant that there is yet to be a set leader figure amongst the team. The staff of 1 Night 2 Days are hoping that as the six members record and travel together, a leader figure will naturally arise without the staff having to specifically point someone out as a leader.

Park Joong Min CP has stated that “There is no official leader (In 1 Night 2 Days)” and that they will be “Keeping an eye on things for the time being.” 

As for how the staff plans to air the first episode, they want to air as much of the awkwardness amongst the members as possible. Park CP explains that “Seeing a group of people that’s seen each for the first time on a trip together. We plan to show that as is on air. I believe that the awkwardness and unfamiliarity between the six members will be portrayed as is on screen.”

The first recording for this new and hopefully improved “1 Night 2 Days” will run till November 23 and is expected to air on December 1.