“Reply 1994” Do Hee Reveals Her Older Brother

Do Hee, a member of girl group Tiny-G, appeared on the November 23 broadcast of MBC’s “Human Documentary – People Are Good.”

Do Hee is currently starring in cable network tvN’s “Reply 1994” drama series. When she’s not busy memorizing lines for the drama, Do Hee is busy practicing her dance moves so as not to cause any inconvenience to the rest of her group. She made time to have a meal with her real-life older brother, Min Do Joon.

On Do Hee’s recent free hug event at Myeong Dong, her smart-looking brother teased, “There weren’t many people at first, and it was really quiet. ‘Ah, the event’s a failure,’ I wanted to say. You can run but you can’t hide.” To which, Do Hee retorted, “Isn’t that too much of you?”

After watching Do Hee give her signature to a fan, Min Do Joon confessed, “In my eyes, she’ll always be a kid, but watching other people ask Do Hee for her signature is pretty amazing, and it doesn’t feel like she’s my sister. I’m worried about whether she’ll have a tough time due to her schedule.”

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