What Does Rhythm King Have to Do with EXO?

Songwriter and producer Rhythm King released an R&B single on November 15, “Think About You,” featuring the soulful additions of Bumkey, Ye Eun (Wonder Girls) and Shorry J (Might Mouse). His career prior to releasing “Think About You” has attracted attention.

Triple award winning group EXO, who took home a Top 10 Artist Award, the Netizen Popularity Award and the Best Song of the Year at the 2013 Melon Music Awards, appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Boom’s Young Street” radio show back in August. Baekhyun and Chanyeol performed their version “Love Song,” a song originally by Bumkey and Rhythm King. The song began garnering popularity after people heard EXO’s rendition.

Bumkey wrote the lyrics to “Love Song,” while Rhythm King composed and arranged the song and played the guitar. Bumkey’s sweet and gentle vocals combined with Rhythm King’s mellow guitar accompaniment made for a charming love song. Rhythm King can be seen playing the guitar in the MV for “Love Song,” and also in the recent “Think About You” MV.

Rhythm King himself expressed surprise at all the hits the song has recently been gathering. On a post on his Twitter account on November 22, he revealed that the song took only 15 minutes to make, and that all the songs that he’s made with Bumkey have never taken more than a day.

Rhythm King's Twitter Post on

Rhythm King (real name Kwon Jun Su) is a multi-talented musician, who composes, writes lyrics, arranges songs, as well as plays multiple instruments. He’s produced for groups like EvoL and Block B, and served as CF music director for companies such as Cuckoo, Bang Bang and Samsung Card. He attended last year’s “Music Matters” as Korea’s representative, along with Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae. He’s also won awards for songwriting, taking home the 2009 John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize – Session II in the electronic category for a song titled “Gossip,” and three of his songs received honorable mentions at the 2010 Billboard World Song Contest. Let’s hope we get to hear more of his work in future!

Check out EXO’s version of “Love Song” below!