Take a Look at Goo Hye Sun’s Art Exhibition in Hong Kong

Even if you could not personally go and enjoy Goo Hye Sun‘s artwork in Hong Kong, you can now enjoy her talent through a video.

On November 22, YG Entertainment uploaded a video of the beautiful artist’s art exhibition on their YouTube. From October 9 until October 27, Goo Hye Sun displayed her artwork in a gallery in Hong Kong, and her exhibition “Afterworkwas received extremely well by the locals. Known for her outstanding skills in all fields of art, the multitalent has proven her popularity as an artist through the success of this event.

The video takes you on a tour around the gallery, showing you pieces of art and the artist herself introducing the work. You can also see Goo Hye Sun enjoying what Hong Kong has to offer by stopping by a bakery to snack on some macarons. Even when surrounded by numerous fans and reporters, the star keeps smiling and treats everyone in a friendly manner.

Take a look below!