Child Actress Kim Sae Ron Is All Grown Up

Child actress Kim Sae Ron seems to have grown up all of a sudden, and it’s become a hot topic.

Kim Sae Ron uploaded pictures of what she’s been up to on her mini-homepage recently, and in the pictures, it’s hard to believe that she’s only thirteen. Her sudden and rapid growth has caught the eyes of many.

In the pictures, Kim Sae Ron gives off a more mature feel, showing off her long straight hair, clear features and long legs, with the pair of sunglasses giving her a female starlet aura. Just comparing her current pictures to ones taken just a year ago in December 2012, one can see that she has matured quite a bit.

Kim Sae Ron was born in 2000, and she’s currently attending middle school. While we know that teenagers are prone to growth spurts, Kim Sae Ron’s rapid change in appearance has nevertheless stunned fans.

Kim Sae Ron, who starred in “The Man From Nowhere” (or “Ajusshi”) with Won Bin has two younger sisters who are also actresses, Kim Ah Ron and Kim Ye Ron. She’s been cast in a new film that’s expected to come out next year, “Doheeya,” which also stars Bae Doo Na and Song Sae Byuk.

Kim Sae Ron
 Kim Sae Ron with her mom

Kim Sae Ron